Who We Are

Professor, Director of Course Development, Co-Founder of TD Publishing


Craig Gordon

Craig Gordon created the innovative financial research firm, Blueshift Research, that generates ideas for clients from a proprietary “pattern mining” approach.  Gordon also founded Off The Record Research, one of the first “sell side” companies to utilize market research in the investment field.  Gordon was a partner at RCM Capital Management, where he created Grass Roots Research, the first survey group started on the “buy-side” of the market.

Gordon taught as a Professor of Business at Golden Gate University and UC Berkeley.  Most recently he served as an Executive-In-Residence and Professor of Practice in the Marketing Department at Lehigh University.

Gordon is a noted academic author within the field of market research in the financial industry. Among his numerous academic articles published on market research, “Going Off the Record with Reg FD” closely examined and outlined how to use market research within Regulation Fair Disclosure guidelines. Gordon holds a BS in Accounting from Lehigh University and a Masters degree in Public and Private Management from Yale University.

CPA, Co-Founder of TD Publishing


Jeffrey Yudkoff

Jeffrey Yudkoff began this career in the audit department of the New York office of Price Waterhouse, and has been a practicing accountant for over forty years. Currently, Yudkoff is licensed in both  California and West Virginia and is a member of the California Society and West Virginia Society of CPAs.  In addition to his auditing experience, Yudkoff spent several years as a Tax Manager at Santino & Hilton, an LA based accounting firm.  Yudkoff has considerable experience in the entertainment industry, having worked for Sesame Street, Jim Henson (Henson Associates) and several independent TV production companies in the US and Europe. Yudkoff lectured in accounting at Yale and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. at West Virginia University.  He holds a BSBA in accounting from Georgetown University, and a Masters in Management from Yale.

CEO of TD Publishing


Jay Schimmel

Jay Schimmel brings a wide array of skillsets for leading TD Publishing Company’s current initiative of bringing AI courses to the CPA community.  Schimmel holds a Bachelor of Accountancy from the University of Mississippi and began his career with Arthur Andersen & Co. in Dallas, TX.  He transitioned into the hospitality industry upon graduating from the California Culinary Arts program.  Subsequently, Bill Kimpton hired him to join his hotel/restaurant empire (The Kimpton Group) based in San Francisco.  Schimmel has held various executive positions developing brands, refining operational efficiencies, building cohesive leadership teams, and maximizing profitability. 

What is the next frontier in innovative operational strategies and philosophies?   Who is at the forefront of the future of business?   Who defines ethics within a particular industry?  Who are the great minds and creators building AI?  What are these peoples’ mindsets?

These are just a few of the questions that Schimmel hopes industry professionals will embrace as they participate in the development of the Artificial Intelligence industry initiatives.  Currently these initiatives are driven by computer scientists, who have little, if any, knowledge of the inner workings or ethics of the accounting industry. CPAs must participate and change this reality.

TD Publishing provides artificial intelligence educational programs via a hybrid approach. Courses are offered both online and in person to executives and students who are not technology oriented. At TD Publishing, we believe there is a need for fundamental understanding of artificial intelligence with all professionals in the future.