Introduction to Artificial Intelligence for CPAs

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence from an Accounting Perspective is designed to introduce concepts of Artificial Intelligence to CPAs, with an emphasis on how AI will affect their professions.

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Craig Gordon

Founder – Director of course Development

As the founder of Blueshift Research, Craig Gordon has created an innovative financial research
firm that specializes in generating ideas for its clients from the proprietary, “pattern mining”
approach. In addition to Blueshift Research, he founded Off the Record Research one of the first
“sell-side” companies to utilize market research in the investment field. Mr. Gordon was a
partner at RCM Capital Management, where he created Grassroots Research, the first survey
group started on the “buy-side” of the market. He has also taught as a professor of business at
Golden Gate University and UC Berkeley and most recently served as an Executive-in-residence
and Professor of Practice in the marketing department at Lehigh University. Mr. Gordon is a
noted academic author within the field of market research in the financial industry. Among his
numerous academic articles published on market research, “Going Off the Record with Reg FD”
closely examined and outlined how to use market research within Regulation Fair Disclosure
guidelines. Craig holds a BS in accounting from Lehigh University and a Masters degree in
Public and Private Management from Yale University.